Demänovská Dolina- the beautiful valley of Slovakia

Demänovská Dolina- the beautiful valley of Slovakia


A valley in the center of Slovakia, southern the high tatras. 3 hours from Bratislava the capital. Also accessible at ease from Budapest and Vienna by car


Beauty, relax, nature and more. The valley is of 12km of length, water ways, caves, animals, hiking trails, bars, restaurants, hotels, SPAs and activities.

Getting into the valley


Liptovska Mara

Lake of Liptov – Northern the valley

You start your visit by a stop by this lake. A skyline of mountains from all sides but with a wide angle of vision. The water color is not as any usual lake; there is a special thing about the colors and the horizontal openness around that lake. Few SPAs as well, a castle, cottages and huts, waterfalls, a zoo, a hili-pad, indoor ski-diving and water-sports.. it’s all about your preferences to prioritize your activities there.

Ľadová jaskyňa – ice cave

ľadová jaskyňa

An ice cave of frozen underground water, worth visiting and going inside.

Jaskyňa slobody – Freedome cave

Jaskyňa slobody

A cave full of geographically formed shapes. Some are pretty impressive. There are few cold and hot underground water streams inside.

Small lakes, woods, hiking trails and water streams

Finally, most of people prefer to go there in winter so that they would enjoy also the Ski, but I myself would happily go also in the summer, spring and autumn. I prefer colors over the black & white mode.

See you there maybe!

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