A day at/in the pyramids

A day at/in the pyramids

Mohammed’s angels; the Egyptian version

For an Egyptian, to go inside the great pyramid is not an urgent need. Therefore my first time was only in 2019 with my friend Zuzana (to the right) but I came out from the Pyramid with Zuzana and a new friend, Kristina! Hallelujah!

Zuzana was visiting Egypt and I was happy to show her around; she was so thrilled to go inside the pyramid and that’s for fact was the only reason that made me go inside too! The way she was excited about it; her happiness to be there and how she was telling me that it is so good to be inside the pyramid made me do it.

The stairs were rough but I could see a light at the end of the tunnel; at the end of the tunnel appeared a girl; for me it looked like an angelic creature at the first glance. She was even taking photos of me and Zuzana going up these tunnel stairs.

At the end of the tunnel it was also the door of the chamber and Kristina was there telling some Egyptian guy the secrets of this great building. I went inside the chamber but Zuzana stayed to listen.

With the Pharaoh grave inside the chamber

The Chamber so was perfectly built; so well carved and softened. Geometrically so well engineered as if it was a 7 stars hotel room. The tunnel was the same as well; very very impressive how so big bars of stone were stuffed one over another. This Engineer must have been a genius; or .. not from our world.

It was my first time to start believing in the theory of Aliens building the pyramids. I am from a mathematical background with extensive physics and chemistry study. This theory after what I saw inside seems to be the most realistic to me.

Sphinx and the pyramids

I have tried to think of my faith and if it contradicts with the theory, actually it doesn’t! That took me to the point that I start to ask questions and to find out more about that theory of those who built the pyramids. Zuzana and Kristina surprisingly had the same answers although it was their first life meeting ever.

I went then to meet an old friend Salman from the family Abu Basha (Salman A.B.) at his horse stable beside the pyramids. He has around 160 horses which you could pet, ride and even dance with. The finest traditional tea and coffee and a lot of nostalgic old stories as I was riding with him since I was 17.

The view that night from behind the pyramids

For two and a half hours Salman took us on a horse ride to the desert behind the pyramids. It was the night of 12/12.2019 and that’s totally the point. A moon rising from Cairo itself shining first red and then silver white. The view of the pyramids, the desert and the massive Cairo with all it’s lights, the horses, the tea, the nice people we meet up the hill behind the pyramids and finally the moon; rising and shining and looking at us.

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