10 years from the “Arab-Spring”; an  earthquake to remember!

10 years from the “Arab-Spring”; an earthquake to remember!

I like to complicate things; specially about January 2021

January 2011, 10 years ago, was a milestone that millions will never forget as long as they live. 10 years ago; a nation of 420 million persons were in the action of believing in themselves; knowing that they can change their status and condition. Kick-out the tyrany; and they did so.

Regardless failures and mistakes; fears to repeat the act. I bet there is something that has changed in the DNA of the Arabs. The 2nd wave must be coming since the 1st wave didn’t succeed.

This time I wish that Arabs all move together; like one nation. They should know and believe the domino effect that takes them all either up strait or down together. Arabs are not meant to be forever opressed nor dictated how to live and how to practice freedom, life, self governance and ruling.

For all that I hope, is that injustice will continue to decease. Rightousness will contine to rise. For the center of the world to get free and strong again; a source of inspiration and wellfare. Another Arab-Spring attempt is not a bad idea.

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