About Mamdouh

Mohammed Mamdouh

Director of Public Relations, Arab-Slovak Chamber of Commerce (ASCC)

Mohammed was born in 1987 in Cairo, Egypt but grew up in the Arabian Gulf. Exposed to varying international education systems, he became an entrepreneur at the age of 16 years. His passion for tech, drove Mohammed to study computer sciences among the crème de la crème of the Egyptian minds. While still at university, he started his first software development company and right after his graduation he was posted to lead the e-learning unit in King Saud University, the 1st ranked college of medicine in the middle east. In 2014 he set-up MINDSET international, a consultancy firm with presence in Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Egypt, Jordan and India. Mohammed currently manages 6 business units; 37 full-time staff and relationships with over 30 business partners. Since 2011 Mohammed calls Slovakia and is committed to building stronger exchanges between his new home and the Arab world, he is also the Director of Public Relations at the Arab-Slovak Chamber of Commerce.