War drums in my neighborhood

War drums in my neighborhood

Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Libya as playgrounds; US, Russia, UAE, KSA, France, Italy, Egypt and Turkey as players

03.01.2020 is a milestone to stop at and to recalculate; since the US strike on Baghdad Airport killed the most important Iranian man on the ground Qassim Solimani; who has managed and lead the whole Iranian military campaign in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and even Palestine.

Iranian influence over the middle east
The motive behind the Iranian campaign

You’d be looking at these motives very subjectively if you follow the mainstream media narratives that focus on primarily assumptions of Shia-Sunni conflict; or Israeli-Iranian conflict or even an influence game between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

The Middle East to Iran is the past, the future and the root.

Middle east to Iran is a historical playground, source of men and everything.

What is the point? Why war now became inevitable more than any time before?

The round has been heating for so long; 10 full years of Arab Spring, 15 years of influence game in Iraq between the US and Iran. Decades of influence game in Yemen, Bahrain and Lebanon.

The new player now is Egypt, who got triggered and irritated by the Turkish rising influence in Libya and the upcoming military campaign which just got approved by the Turkish parliament.

On the ground – key indicators

Armies are mobilizing in Turkey and Egypt; propaganda is rolling out hatred, demonization, nationalism narratives.

In Egypt there has been an extensive media campaign running for the whole past year against the ottoman heritage. Army has already finished preparations and even few units are already fighting in Libya.

Conflict map 2019 in the Middle East and North Africa

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