Create an E-Learning Website for Online Tutors


Create a comprehensive website for you that can be used to easily create & sell courses online. Each course curriculum can be made with lessons & quizzes which can be managed with easy-to-use user interface.


Create a comprehensive website for you that can be used to easily create & sell courses online. Each course curriculum can be made with lessons & quizzes which can be managed with easy-to-use user interface.


  1. Create a full Learning Management System.
  2. Install a theme from here: ( [Free themes are only included in this offer].
  3. Blog & Articles that support SEO and Tags.
  4. The website depends on the platofrms WordPress and LearnPress with the following features:
    1. Create course
      LearnPress LMS Plugin provide an excellent user interface to create a course with options you need. You can find it easy to make a full curriculum layout as well as edit and maintain it.
      You can also export course and import to other website which also using LearnPress. We will provide the feature allow you to import course from other WordPress LMS plugins soon.
    2. Manage course
      With the course you’ve created, you can share it, manage it, watch statistic about number of student, its trend, etc.
    3. Sell course
      LearnPress is free but it still allow you to sell courses you create with support many billing method such as Paypal, WooCommerce, Stripe, etc.
    4. Communicate with your students
      With BuddyPress support, LearnPress will help you to communicate with your student or instructor via WordPress forum. Learning is not only on your own. Study, make friends and have fun.
    5. LearnPress provide a bunch of add-on
      Add-on is used to providing extra features for LearnPress and you can also write it. 
    6. LearnPress is actively developed
      We are developing and improving LearnPress day by day and bringing new features to you cos we want LearnPress to become the best WordPress LMS plugin.




      1. English
      2. French
      3. Indonesian
      4. Italian
      5. German
      6. Polish
      7. Russian
      8. Dutch


      • Payment Method support (first priority)
        • (DONE)
        • 2Checkout (DONE)
        • Google Checkout
        • Amazon Payments
        • Dwolla
        • Braintree
        • Samurai by FeeFighters
        • WePay
      • Assignment – DONE – check LearnPress Assignments Add-on HERE
      • Events
      • Share Grade
      • BadgeOS
      • Manually reset quiz for retake
      • Create quiz from randoms questions in question bank (DONE)
      • Attachment restriction for lesson
      • Presentation support (maybe support SlideShare)
      • Show enrolled user
      • Student ranks
      • REST API for mobile app
      • No distraction mode (when doing quiz)
      • Report/feedback about a question/quiz/lesson
      • Commission for payment method (DONE)
      • Instructor’s note
      • Private message from Admin to teacher
      • Group payment

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