Manassa Media

Manassa Media

MANASSA – is a platform for media production collaboration. MANASSA is setting itself apart by covering directly from the people and directly to the people.

Official language : English


Linkage and coverage of the communities, to fill the shortage of media coverage of these communities.
The transfer and widespread of good knowledge, experiences, success stories and inspiration between the communities and their homelands.
Linkage between communities and their hosting states by providing media content in the local languages.
Achieve tremendeous financial profits to develop itself, grow exponentially, include new partnerships and support rightous causes.


  • Advertisement program
  • Partnership program
  • Sponsorship program
  • Producers program
  • Training program
  • Events program
  • Artical program
  • Art and music program
  • Media production program (businesses, NGO´s, political parties, sport clubs, entities and venues)
  • Employment empowering Program

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