On Markiza TV: Global Slovakia says Good Morning!

On Markiza TV: Global Slovakia says Good Morning!

The two star writers Zuzana Palovic and Gabriela Bereghazyova said good morning to Slovakia today from the biggest view count TV network in Slovakia TV Markiza.

Gabriella and Zuzana have been writing few remarkable books; that are unique and indeed needful for that curious person who would like to learn about Slovakia.

The books; Slovakia: The legend of the linden, The great return and Czechoslovakia: Behind the iron curtain are a valuable set for readers whom are interested about Slovakia in general. The books can be acquired on GoSlovakia.eu the biggest business directory in Slovakia.

The interview this morning has been a fruitful good morning message with a bit of introduction on the work of Global Slovakia; the NGO founded by Zuzana and Gabriela.

The writers are now being invited to release the book in Czech Republic on Thursday 09.January2020 alongside with the -Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs Tomas Petricek at Prague Castle, alongside -Dr Ivan Havel, the late Vaclav Havel’s brother.

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